Friday, February 11, 2011

Looking for a good show that was cancelled? Try Nip/Tuck

A couple of weeks ago me and my wife were trying to find something good to watch on TV. Since I play like 4-6 hours of xbox360 a day we were trying to find a show that we could both watch without fighting over the remote. I have a netflix subscription so I'd figure I instant stream something from there. I saw listed "Nip/Tuck" . The show is about the lives of 2 plastic surgeons as they go through everyday life trying to make everyone perfect when in fact the characters personal lives are even more broken than there patients. That being said though I was just interested in all the sex and boob jobs they were going to perform on the show. The show was on FX so it doesn't get too graphic but the stories they portray are so funny and bizarre. Its supposedly based on true plastic surgery cases.

The stories range from a guy wanting to get a penis reduction because he couldn't stop performing oral sex on his own member to a guy who had an object disorder and couldn't stop having sex with inanimate objects. The guy basically banged a sofa. There is also some sad stories for example a lady who had breast cancer and one of the docs ended up cheating on his wife for the cancer patient. Some of themes of the show are a bit graphic for some but me and my wife couldn't stop watching the show.

The best thing about this show is that both docs on the show are total opposites.One doc "Sean Mcnamara" is a family oriented guy who tries to please everyone but really can't . The other doc "Christian Troy" basically bangs everything that moves. He doesn't care about anyone but himself which creates great conflict with the relationship between himself and the other doc. In the middle of the 2 is "Julia McNamara" who is the first docs wife. Lets just say she tries to be the reasonable one out of the three it turns out she is nuts too.

My wife and I finished the entire 7 seasons in just 2 weeks. We went through 100 episodes.  I mean the show has everything. Drama, Comedy, Mystery, Horror (The Horror part is the epsidoe where Rosie O'Donnell makes an appearance). I am not saying this show is god's gift to television. I am saying if you like shocking dramatic shows that make you say "They did not just go there!" Then you need to watch this show!.

So yeah?

I went out with some buddies of mine yesterday and the usual conversation topics come up. "Have you seen any good movies lately?", " Any new games you playing?", "Any good tv shows out there?". We are usually discussing this while we are getting pissed drunk. Then it dawned on me I know it sounds clich├ęd but why don't I waste my time and blog about all this stuff.

Most of all my friends have so many different points of view on everything. I normally find the good in everything.  No matter if its the worse show,game and new technology,  I always find something good about it. There are some things that just cannot be saved though like the movie "The Fountain", the old tv show "Saved By the Bell the college years" and that crappy "Virtual Gameboy" back in the day. The goal of this blog is just to show my point of view on just about everything. This should be a fun ride! All that is left to say about this little project of mine is "I think its good!